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About us

Presta Module
Business Tech
PrestaModule and BusinessTech, 2 major players in the e-commerce ecosystem and specialized in module development, with a combined 20 years of experience on merchants and agencies issues.

We receive each week hundreds of messages from merchants, sometimes desperate, asking for our help on technical issues related to their PrestaShop.

Their shop is usually their main source of income.
Its proper functioning is crucial.

By convenience, lack of knowledge, time or budget,
they worked on their shop directly in production.

One year ago, we thought we had to find a solution.

And that’s how was born

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A very simple principle

We create a temporary clone of your shop on a secured server.
This way, you can work peacefully, when you want and stress-free !


With Parachute, you can:

– Install a new module and test its compatibility with the other modules installed
– Update your theme and make sure your integration is perfect
– Update your PrestaShop without being afraid to break everything


And when you are satisfied, Parachute gives you a patch containing your changes only that you only have to send to your production shop.


How it works?

What are the advantages compared to my staging server?

Instant clone

In one click, get a working copy of your site. Duplicate this clone over and over again, at different stages of the workflow

Magic Access

Create customized, secure and unique access for specific people who need to intervene on a copy of your site. At any time, know who’s doing what

Backup Story

Access at any time the history of changes made on each copy of your site. Feel free to go back to previous versions and make backups


Once the work is validated, generate in one click a differential between your site as it was when first cloning was done and as it is after work, in order to retrieve only files that need to be updated on your production site

Parachute starts at 99€ per month, no strings attached


from 1.6 to 8.x


Questions? Request?

Tell us your need and we’ll answer as soon as possible!

Phone: +33 4 84 25 37 30