Clone your PrestaShop store on demand and start working without risk

Don’t tremble at every intervention on your store, deploy your Parachute!



No technical skills required

  • You install the module, you decide which data to export and launch the cloning with one click
  • You work on your clone safely
  • Once the work is finished, you retrieve in one click a file containing the differences between your production and your clone

Parachute is not a simple pre-production

  • Your store is duplicated and the clone is automatically configured the same way as your online store
  • You have access to a real dashboard to create secure access, make backups, go back, …
  • You can get different stable versions of your store
  • When you’re done, you just have to release the changes you’ve approved!

You are the master of your PrestaShop store

  • You are the only one who has access to your production
  • You create unique, secure and restricted access for each person who needs to work on your clone
  • You can go back if you are not satisfied with the changes
  • You can completely restore your clone to its initial state


You directs your clone from your dashboard

  • All the information about your clone can be found on your dashboard
  • You can follow what each person is doing by accessing a detailed history
  • You can make backups at any stage of the work, go back or restore everything in one click!

Discover Parachute in video

We are editors of modules for the PrestaShop solution. Since always, we are facing the same problem: our customers need us to intervene on their shop but hesitate to give access to it, and we understand them! 

Their shop is often their main source of income and they are afraid of the failure which would represent a consequent loss of turnover, and let’s not even talk about their e-reputation…

Some of them may have a pre-production store, but this store is often only a copy of their site files and to configure it completely costs a lot of money… Due to lack of time, budget or knowledge, they work or have work done directly on their site in production, with all the risks that this implies.

That’s why we decided to create Parachute. So that you can work peacefully, without stress and that you never give access to your store again.

Examples of Parachute use


Basically, you can use Parachute every time you need to make a change on your shop. But we have prepared some common use cases for you:

Install, modify, fix

  • Install a new module, theme
  • Work on SEO content
  • Interface with a management tool such as ERP
  • Fix bugs
  • Have someone intervene securely on your store
  • Work on the responsive of your store


  • Test the compatibility of a new module or theme with your other modules
  • Test custom developments on different browsers
  • Test different designs for a marketing campaign
  • Test the compatibility of your modules with a new PrestaShop version

Import, modify in bulk

  • Import a product catalog
  • Import a customer database
  • Modify product prices in bulk


  • Update a module, a theme
  • Update your PHP version
  • Update your PrestaShop version

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